Because the old stone can be a exclusive feature for landscaping decoration, and it is also can be very historic rhythm and make the special sense for construction with historic feelings. We Eastwood Old stone teams are collecting all kinds of old reclaimed stone from farmer house and some remote areas, even the old house from isolated island with hundreds years of use.

Old stone range: millstone, trough, flagstone, planter and flower pot, step, garden statues, etc.
Material: Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, most flagstone pavers, steps,  millstones, statues are granite, troughs are limestone and granite, planter and flower pots are granite and sandstone
Usage: high-end hotel, place of entertainment, antique building, landscaping, gardening, etc.
Size:  all old stones come from farmers , old building,  the size is uncertain, each old stone size and shape is unique.
All the photos show on our web only for reference, for more and exact information, pls contact us, we will offer real old stone photos and measurement in our stock